Biggest Slot Jackpot Wins – Online vs Land Based Casino Jackpots




Slots are the most popular games in an online casino and one of the main reasons for this are the jackpots on offer. They are one of few games that allow you to win a (technically) unlimited amount of money with a tiny initial outlay.

Some of the biggest jackpot wins have been worth tens of millions over the years, but there are smaller ones that are still worth life-changing sums of money that land every day. Throughout this article, we will be looking at how these jackpots work and some of the biggest jackpot wins in casino history.

Slot Jackpots – Land-Based v Online Casinos

Whether you’re playing online or at a land-based casino, you can win a huge sum of money via slots jackpots. A “jackpot win” may seem like a “jackpot win” regardless of if you’re playing online or at a land-based casino, but they do work slightly differently.

Land-based casinos will have jackpots that are linked to that casino and only that casino. They are usually tied to certain games and they are set at an amount that would have some bearing on how much play that game gets. In laymen’s terms, the more action a game gets, the higher the jackpots.

Online jackpots work a little differently. The first thing to note is that they are often much larger than most land-based games. The reason behind this is that they get a lot more players on these games, meaning they make more money and therefore, can afford to pay out bigger jackpots.

It’s also worth noting that online games can pool jackpot sums across multiple sites and real-money games. For example, it’s common for an online casino to be part of a larger gaming group. This means that it might be the group that sets the jackpot for that specific slot, which can be then be won across several online casinos all a part of that group.

A wider example of this would be with a progressive jackpot that pools across networks. We talk more on this later in the article.

The Biggest Slot Jackpot Wins Recorded

With a lot of games, there is the potential to win tens of millions from a single spin. This is the lure of the jackpot games. Below we have included the biggest slot jackpot wins in the world.

Please take note that these are all correct at the time of writing and jackpots can drop and change daily. Keep checking back to this article to see the latest record jackpot wins.

    🤑 $39,710,826.36 – A near $40 million win came about in the Excalibur casino Las Vegas, almost 20 years ago in 2003. The winner was said to be aged just 25 and had wagered just $100 on the Megabucks slot machine.

    🤑 $34,959,458.56 – This almost $35 million was, at the time, the biggest jackpot win in the world. Again, it came from another casino on the Las Vegas strip, but this time it was the Desert Inn, now the Wynn Casino. Cynthia Jay Brennen, a former waitress, was the lucky recipient.

    🤑 $24 Million – The biggest online win came about on the Mega Fortune slot, where a professional poker player from Finland was passing the time in between poker matches. What’s even more remarkable is that the win came from a single 25c spin.

    🤑 $21 Million – The oldest jackpot winner in our list was that of a 92-year-old veteran, who picked up this staggering win on the Megabucks game. What’s even more incredible is that winner, Elmer Sherwin, had won $4.6 million on the same game 12 years prior!

    🤑 $18 Million – The online sector strikes again with another massive win, this time coming from a British soldier. It came from another single 25c spin before seeing the jackpot on the Mega Moolah game start to drop.

Slot Games with the Biggest Jackpots

The jackpot games for online slots are one of the biggest sectors of the online casino industry. As a result, the volume of games that you can now play on and win serious sums of money is huge.

However, some games are simply able to offer jackpots and prizes like no other. Below we have listed the top highest paying jackpot games in the world right now. As ever, this information is correct at the time of writing.

Network Jackpots v Fixed Jackpots

There are two types of jackpots that we’ve touched on earlier in the article and these are network and fixed jackpots. They both play an important role in online slots, but they both work very differently.

A fixed jackpot is one that is linked to that game or even that casino. This means that the jackpot is fixed throughout the game and you know exactly what you are set to win should you trigger the jackpot.

A network jackpot is a sum of money that is linked over the network and not just the casino. This may mean that 10 casinos each host the same game, but instead of that jackpot being dedicated by the casino, it’s instead dictated by the network. Often you find these games have much bigger jackpots as a result of more people playing.

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One of the best examples of this when you look at progressive jackpots. These are games where the amount of the jackpot is dictated by the amount of money that players contribute to the pot.

For example, a progressive game may state that 10% of every bet gets put into the pot. So, if you wagered $1 a spin, then 10c of that would go into the jackpot. The more bets that are made, the bigger the jackpots.

These games are linked across a network, so it means that players from a multitude of casinos that are playing the same game all contribute to the same jackpot. As you can imagine, the numbers start to stack up here and this is why progressive jackpot games are the biggest and most popular for any online casino.

Jackpot Slots Conclusion – What to Know Before You Play

One of the main things to note about jackpot slots is that there is no rhyme or reason as to when a jackpot will drop. It’s random, which means that it’s as likely to drop in consecutive spins as it is once every 1,000,000 spins.

You also need to be aware of the volatility of the games. This is the frequency that these games payout.

Compared to most slots, jackpot games are often what are classed from mid to high in terms of volatility. To put this simply, it means that they pay out less frequently than most slots, but higher amounts when these wins eventually come.

The games are heavily stacked around the lure of winning the jackpot. In terms of gameplay and even RTP rates, they are pretty poor. But unlike other slots, they give you a chance of winning life-changing sums of money, which is the trade-off with most jackpot games, especially progressive ones.

Biggest Slot Jackpots FAQs

💰 How do jackpot slots work?

Jackpots are assigned to certain slots. You then trigger jackpot wins by hitting winning combinations of symbols within that game. There are different types of jackpots, such as local vs network. Likewise, there are standard jackpots that are set before you spin and progressive jackpots that build up over time as more people play.

💰 Are there tips for winning the jackpot on online slots?

You need to be consistent with your play and try to stick to one game. Jackpot games are just as random as standard slots, so there’s no way that you can influence when a jackpot will drop. Check you meet the correct wagering requirements and be aware that hitting these life-changing jackpots is extremely rare.

💰 What is a jackpot tracker?

A jackpot tracker is a site that tracks when jackpots are won. They then take this data to try and create an average time between wins. These are handy to keep an eye on, and you should definitely utilise them if you are looking for slots that have huge jackpots building up or payout often.

💰 What is a qualifying bet in online jackpot slots?

A qualifying bet is the minimum amount stated to qualify for a jackpot win in that game. For example, a slot may request that only bets of $1 per spin or more will qualify for winning the jackpot. If you bet less than this per spin, you won’t be eligible for the jackpot.

💰 What is the biggest slot jackpot win of all time?

The biggest jackpot win of all time is worth almost $40million and was won in the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas in 2003. This is obviously a colossal amount of money for anybody to win, and there have been plenty of other big payouts over the years. While rare, these massive jackpots do hit from time-to-time.

💰 Can you win a slot jackpot with a free spin?

Free spins are part and parcel of the online slots world. They are as simple as they sound, offering you the chance to spin the exact same reels again without risking any of your own real money. On your bread-and-butter free spins the chance to win jackpots exists, but from slot-to-slot, this will differ depending on whether you enter a bonus round or not. You should also be aware that wagering requirements will likely be attached to winnings acquired from free spins.

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