Rivalry's Rushlane Set To Revolutionise Online Gambling


An online gambling revolution is coming... and it's being driven by Rivalry! Last month, Toronto-based company Rivalry launched its unique take on online casino gaming, called Rushlane. Built on Unity software and developed entirely by the company's in-house developers, Rushlane is a Massively Multiplayer Online Gambling Games (MMOGG) gaming experience that allows esports fans to compete against each other.

“We are working hard at redefining the casino category at Rivalry and pioneering the MMOGG category,” said Rivalry CEO Steven Salz. “The esports audience is a social audience; they prefer to compete with other players over playing games in isolation as typical casino games have historically worked. They want to brag about their wins and lament their losses with their friends and other players. This is just the start of where we see Rivalry in this genre, and we are excited to bring the modern social experience to online gambling via Rushlane and other exciting innovations to come.”

Although Rushlane currently caters to esports players, imagine what it would be like when the company develops a version for slots players, where you could play for real money against other players in a way that makes current slots tournaments look like an archaic institution.

Rivalry's Lead Game Producer Matt Marshall said, “We’re looking beyond slot machines, and creating something truly unique for an esports audience and a new generation of players."

"Rushlane operates much more like a video game than a casino game, with regular updates, patching, enhanced user experience features, and development of game lore. We are just scratching the surface of what’s possible in this kind of game universe,” Marshall explained.

Rivalry currently holds an Isle of Man online gambling license which gives the company flexibility to offer its services to various territories around the globe. After achieving an all-time record business performance in October 2021, Rivalry has the scope to become one of the best online slots sites, esports innovators and gambling game-changers around the world.

At the moment, Rivalry does not have a license to operate in the US, but it is in the process of applying for the licensing credentials that will allow it to expand its reach. At the rate this company is growing, it will not be surprising to see them moving into the US market soon, in states where online gambling is regulated.

It will also not be long before other casino software providers create their own versions of the interactive Rushlane experience.

Are you ready for the gaming revolution?

  1. Source: GlobalNewswire
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